Students must appear at the following examinations and tests in addition to the final examination at the end of institutional training (a) short tests  (b) Semester Examination at the end of six months.
These extensive tests are conducted in order to ensure a satisfactory progress both theoretical and practical classes. Students not appearing in the semester Examination are debarred from appearing at the next semester class/final examination. No excuses for guardians or students are accepted.


Students who do not appear at a semester examination may be permitted to continue attending classes of the next semester only under special circumstances, provided his progress, conduct and behaviour has been good and he has paid all his dues.
A student who fails in one or more papers or does not appear at a Semester Examination may be permitted to appear at such paper / papers at a special examination or next semester examination.


Marksheets are issued by the Jharkhand State Technical Board on completion of each and every examination. Duplicate marksheets may be issued as per the rule of the concerned Board.


All the fees should be paid directly to the office in cash or sent to the Vidya Memorial Institute of Technology, Tupudana, Ranchi – 834003.


If a student fails to clear his dues within the prescribed time limit, a fine of Rs. 10/- per day for a period of 30 days from the due date is charged. After 30 days if dues still remain unpaid, the name of the student is struck off from the Institute Register.

Revival of studentship requires fresh re-admission fee plus fine.

Students must ensure that payment of their TUTION FEE is made either in advance or on due dates. They are not be allowed to fall in arrears or TUTION FEES under any circumstances.


A student must obtain his identity card at the time of admission, signed by him and by the person concerned. The Principal’s signature on it should be obtained through the person concerned. A student losing his Identity Card will have to pay Rs. 50/- and shall have to intimate the institute for the loss incurred by the institute on account of wrongness of the lost Identity Card, the Identity Card is to be brought to the institute everyday.

There is a provision for awarding of scholarships to meritorious students.
Students provide themselves with the prescribed uniformfor classes and workshops.
The Institute make arrangement for Industrial Tours for which the expenses are borne by the Students themselves.
There is a scheme to issue Xeroxed class notes as and when possible. It is priced publication on actual cost basis, for which the students may have to pay additional charges, when such a scheme is introduced. Till then, the class notes are continued to be dictated.
The students must have their own tool-kits, drawing instruments and text book as specified by the Institute. All special tools and equipments are provided by the institute during the training period. A list of tools and books are given to the students after admission which may be purchased locally as and when needed.
Students must attend 80% classes otherwise they are not allowed to sit for the further examinations.
The overall personality development necessitating that sufficient emphasis be laid on sports and cultural activities besides focusing of attention on academic excellence. Hence, institute promotes sports and cultural activities of the students.

Ragging of students, physically or mentally is not only inhuman & cruel act and a blackspot on the society but now it is also a cognizable offence. Ragging is totally banned in the Institute and anyone found guilty of ragging and / or abetting ragging is liable to be punished by way of rustication and / or summary expulsion and lodging of an FIR with the Police.

Parents may also refer to notification F.No. 37-3/Legal/AICTE/2009 dated 25.3.2009 issued by All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi, in this regard.

Parents are further advised to warn their children so that they refrain from indulgence in this unlawful activity. College administration and management is determined to keep the VMIT campus ragging free.

During the course guardians are furnished with periodical progress reports showing the progress made by their wards and attendance statements also are forwarded at regular intervals.